HT Marker is known for its marking solutions in the industrial world. The marking products offered by HT Marker include dot peen marking machine which is divided into four variants: pneumatic marking machine, nameplate engraving machine, electric dot peen marking machine, and portable dot peen marking machine.

The other marking solution offered by HT Marker is the laser marking machine which facilitates permanent and high speed marking on numerous types of materials. Its variants involve laser engraver for metal and hand-held laser engraver.

Batch coding machines are generally used to print paper-based labels. HT Marker has come up with two types of batch coding machines namely handheld expiry date printing machine and automatic batch coding machine.


The three types of marking solutions offered by HT Marker that are dot peen marking machine, laser engraving machine and batch coding machine have taken industrial marking to the next level. Today marking needs are rising in every other industry that cannot afford low quality marking results, or poor speed in terms of marking their materials like the health industry, or the defense industry. Both of them require correct marking application on their machine parts as it involves the threat to life.

The applications of marking machine are mostly followed in jewelry marking , automotive marking of vehicle parts, direct parts marking, industries that require secured and legal identification for their items, rotary and industrials part marking direct part marking, all types of metals and plastic engraving, electronic industry application, military defense industry application, and medical Instrument marking industry application.

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