Automatic Batch Coding Machine

Automatic Batch Coding Machine

Automatic Batch Coding Machine

When it comes to products batch markings, inline inkjet batch coding machines are the way to go. Inkjet batch coding machines provide a number of advantages over other types of printers, making them the preferred printer for many businesses. The printer is economic and easy to use.

HT Marker makes your coding and marking needs simple and reliable, our batch coding machines are built to be long-lasting and feature-rich, with the greatest coding quality.

Types of Automatic Batch Coding Machine

HT Marker has a range of high-quality automatic batch coding machines that can print on a variety of materials. In the next paragraphs, we'll look at a few examples:

The intelligent touch screen integrated batch coder software on the HT Marker inkjet printing machine is powerful, as it can print various content such as Text Date, Numbers, Symbols, QR code, Barcode, Graphic, and so on.

25.4mm High-Speed Automatic Inline Batching Coding Machine

HS-1050 Series 25.4mm high speed industrial thermal automatic inline Inkjet batch coding machine is suitable for Printing Material packaging case, board, carton, cardboard box, stone, fiberboard, light steel keel, pipe, metal, porous, plastic product, electronic, aluminum foil, wire, and cable, etc. HeatSign's automatic inline inkjet batch coding machine has a printing precision of 600DPI (High definition), ensuring clear output.The print characters height can be up to 25.4mm.

12.7mm High-Speed Industrial Automatic Inline Thermal Inkjet Printer

HS-1050 12.7mm industrial thermal inline Inkjet batch coding machine is ideal for printing materials such as board, carton, cardboard box, stone, fiberboard, light, electronic, aluminum foil, wire and cable, etc. The printing height of this machine is 2mm-12.7mm and offers a high-speed that can print up to max of 70 meters/ min with its speed efficient machine.

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Why to choose HeatSign’s Automatic Inline Inkjet Batch Coding Machine

1. HeatSign has made it a priority to provide the most up-to-date industrial marking machines. We've been in business for almost a decade. Our products are offered in more than 50 countries worldwide. Today's marking machine market is a bit puzzling, with items of different quality. Our philosophy is to give the best service and products to our consumers. 

2. Our clients have benefited from a cost-saving over products. Our products are more than a cost-cutting measure. The quality of our items is the most important aspect of our business, We made product quality our primary focus.

3. Because of our long-term agreements with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other prominent global carriers, we are able to provide world-class delivery choices. Before shipping, your items will be thoroughly inspected and securely wrapped. This demonstrates our dedication as a major worldwide online fashion retailer.

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