Dot Peen Marking Machine

Dot Peen Marking Machine

Dot Peen Marking Machine

The dot peen marking machine by HT Marker is based on an integrated design that can mark permanent markings on your desired metal surface.

The engravings marked by the dot peen marking machine by HT Marker can mark such markings that will not be damaged by outer interferences including pollution, oils, vapors, gases, high, or low temperature, etc.

The unique quality of this reliable dot peen marking machine is that it marks flawless and deep markings on the required metal pieces.

Whether you want small areas or large areas both can be easily marked by this HT Marker dot peen marking machine at a higher speed compared to other contemporary marking methods.

HT Marker ensures customer satisfaction by offering a dot peen marking machine that has been updated with the latest software technology making it a perfect fit for your industrial requirements.

Today most industries are in need of marking machines to engrave their produced products. These engravings are required to maintain a secured and legal factor for both buyer and seller.

These markings on the product mentions all kinds of information and details in the form of characters that includes alphanumeric characters, alphabets, numbers, logos, bar codes, designs, and the list goes on.

It is also a responsibility of the industry that the markings do not get affected by the external hindrances.

HT Marker keeps such things in mind and provides valuable and reliable dot peen marking solutions to all types of industries.

List of some industries that require dot peen marking machines

Valve industry:

As technology is touching the sky, the valve industry is also rising and coming up with new equipment and machines every day.

So the production and marking identification and traceability are more and more important in this industry.

HT Marker offers the best dot peen engraving machine for such permanent markings.

Automotive industry:

The growing need of vehicles like cars, trains, trucks, etc has created a need for number plate engravings, or the vehicle parts marking.

HT Marker has the perfect marking solution for this industry that will accurately mark the desired products for this industry.

Motors Industry:

It is essential in the motor industry to possess such marking solutions that have permanent and clear nameplate marking results so that the accurate notings of the motor can be read by the user.
The situation would get very troublesome if the marking and engraving on the motor would be difficult to read and note by the operator and the maintenance staff. Hence, making it difficult for the users to make it function for the usage.

Gold Bar Industry:

This industry has a never ending demand and requires careful deep engravings without  Gold bar loss. To avoid such situations, high quality dot peen marking machines are required in this industry.

The dot peen marking machine by HT Marker is the best suited option for the gold bar industry as it will skillfully work on your metals to give it a perfect look and permanent result at the end.

dot peen marking samples

Models of Dot peen marking machines offered by HT Marker

1. Benchtop dot peen marking machine

Categories of Dot peen marking machine by HT Marker

The dot peen marking machine by HT marker solutions has four different variants:

1. HS-PE Electric Hand Held Dot Pin Engraving Machine: This variant of dot peen marking machine is a metal engraving machine that runs on electricity due to which the user does not require an air compressor or computer to operate the marking machine.

 HT Marker provides this convenient marking solution compared to the portable dot peen engravers.

 This dot peen marking engraver comes with a 5-7” touchscreens and top-notch software.

2. HS-DP and HS-DP-R Series Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine: This direct part marking machine comes with a compact design. This desktop pneumatic dot peen marking machine requires an air compressor and a computer for its functioning.

3. HS-DC/HS-DE series Vibro Peen Marking Machine: The HS-DC and HS-DE series promotes direct part engraving of the metals. This dot peen marking machine uses the latest integrated touch screens along with software designed inside the marking machine. Thus, making it free from external computers.

4. HS-PM and HS-PC Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems: The HS-PM & HS-PC -series handheld dot peen labeling machines are portable devices designed to mark large and heavy parts.

The HS-PM needs an air compressor and computer for operation, while the HS-PC possess a touch screen with in-built software and hence requires only an air compressor.

In a word:

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