Hand Held Laser Engraver

Portable Hand Held Laser Engraver

Hand Held Laser Engraver

Today the portable laser engravers are gaining popularity in different industries as this marking solution has made the marking process quite easy. The laser engravers offer industrial compatibility.

There are many variations of portable laser engravers offered by HT Marker, like the portable handheld laser engraving machine HS-PFL30S-B for metal marking machine is one of the best marking solutions for a variety of materials. This lightweight engraving solution can mark clear and accurate marks on your metal parts and some plastics.

What's the Detail Features of the Handheld Fiber Laser Engraver?

1.There are two power output of this portable handheld laser marking machine by HT Marker are 20W(HS-PFL20S)30W(HS-PFL30S). The standard marking area of this portable laser marking machine is 100mm x 100mm (optional: 50mm x 50mm) while the marking speed of this HT Marker laser marking machine is ≤5000mm/s.

2.The wavelength of this laser marking machine is 1064±10nm and the frequency of pluse is 20 KHZ~80 KHZ. The marking depth of this laser marking machine is ≤0.2mm (depends on your material).

3.The portable handheld laser engraver machine has been designed in an integrated manner that makes it both easy to carry and convenient to use.
4.This handheld laser marking machine by HT Marker can work various metal materials in industries because of their accurate and adaptable nature.
5.It can provide high precision marking results with a quite high marking speed. The laser engraver machine has the ability to mark all types of texts, numbers, QR codes, dates, graphs, etc.
6.HT Marker promises minimal noise that is applicable to all types of laser marking technology.
7.The HT Marker portable engraver marking machine provides shock security during the operation of the machine.
8.The working life of this laser source by JPT is up to 30000 hours compared to the laser engraver machine.
9.The laser engraver machine by HT Marker can support a 24/7 continuous marking.

Handheld Laser Engraver

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