Handheld Expiry Date Printing Machine

Handheld Expiry Date Printing Machine

Handheld Expiry Date Printing Machine

HT Marker offers the last stop printing solution for your materials.The company has come up with a range of handheld printers that can help you complete your package date, number, text marking requirements in a short span of time.

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The HT-PT01 is a portable intelligent gun type handheld inkjet printer for code date on labels. This is a kind of compact sized inkjet printer machine which can be carried around easily as it is light. The user can easily understand the mechanism of this handheld inkjet printing machine which makes it easy for them to operate upon it.

Handheld Expiry Date Inkjet Printer Machines are a distinct concept from online printers as they are formed to solve portable business coding and marking purposes. The inkjet printing machine facilitates a variety of fonts like solid, hollow in our inkjet printing systems.

You can also easily print logos, both English or any other foreign language alphabets, numbers, dates, barcodes, and QR codes with the best handheld expiry date printing machine by HT Marker. The height of the printing characters is nearly 2 mm ~12.7 mm. We also offer other models can let character height up to 1 inch (25.4mm)

The inkjet printer gun by HT Marker is used in industries to print a variety of products like cartons, aluminum, bottle, tea can, wood, and coated metal. It is commonly demanded in various industrials such as food, beverages, wine, and other beverages packaging along with stone items, steel pipes, and plastic bags due to its portable and integrated huge-capacity rechargeable lithium batteries. 

HT Marker portable handheld batch coding inkjet printer also can do high speed work, improve your printing efficiency.The inkjet printer by HT Marker is also used in workshops, warehouses, logistics freight yards, offices, etc., for printing production date, serial number, shift number, company name, logo, graphic and almost anything you require to print on your products.

HT Marker's portable inkjet printer is light weighted and possesses qualities advantages like 600DPI, touch screen technology, stability and adaptability.

For the printing content, It often print the production date, serial number, shift number, various characters, the company name, logo, graphic, etc.

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