Jewelry Marking and Engraving Application

Metal engraving process has been a tricky business due to its complex system and technology. For a long time companies faced and struggled to obtain perfect marking and engraving results but failed in their attempt. That’s when HeatSign came up with its marking and engraving solutions.


What is HeatSign?


HeatSign is a company that offers latest industrial marking machines to the users for 10 years now. The company has supplied its products to over 50 countries throughout the world.


HeatSign offers a variety of marking and engraving technology solutions depending upon a customers’ needs and demands.

  1. For instance, there are customers who want a marking machine for engraving metal products, while some companies require to mark plastic materials.

    Some companies look for such marking machines that can mark different shapes, areas, corners, surfaces depending upon their requirements.


    HeatSign has all possible types of marking and engraving machines that one can possibly think of. The company has laser engraving machines for types of industries that are listed below:


    Jewelry laser marking: This type of marking is considered to be one of the most difficult as jewelry is hard to be marked due to their curvy shapes and areas. HeatSign offers solutions for such typical marking as its laser marking machines provide high-quality and flawless engravings on the jewelry surface.

    You can design any type of metal jewelry through HeatSign laser marking technology.

    Jewelry Marking and Engraving Application


    Plastic marking: Plastic marking is not an easy task as sometimes there is a risk of melting plastic, or the output result is disappointing. HeatSign designs its laser marking machines in a manner that plastic materials will be marked in the desired form.


    Uneven surfaces marking: That is one of the biggest challenges of all times. Marking and engraving uneven surfaces can lead to ugly output results. HeatSign 3D laser engraver has taken over the stage for this type of marking and engraving as well. 


    Let’s discuss the different types of marking products offered by HeatSign!

    Three major pillars of HeatSign:

     1. Dot Peen Marking Machine: HeatSign provides the best dot peen marking machine that can mark different types of metal surfaces.

    The high-speed and frequency saves your time and you will be able to mark the maximum quantity of the metal surfaces in a short span. The marking and engraving results are beautiful, permanent and flawless that are visible on the metal surface. You can mark different types of characters and designs including the text, serial number, date, dot matrix 2D code, graphics, and the list goes on.

     2. Laser marking machine: Compared to the dot peen marking machine, laser marking machine can mark more speedily and beautifully. The laser marking machine smoothly marks and engraves all types of metal surfaces and provides amazing output results. 

    The marking process of the laser marking machine by HeatSign is much more time efficient and apart from text, number, date, the laser marking machine has the added advantage of marking 2D code, bar code, graphics, etc.

     The major benefit of a laser marking machine is that it does not require any consumables and maintenance. You can freely mark your products without any hindrance.

     3.TIJ Inkjet Printer: The TIJ Inkjet printer, or this series of printer machines also known as batch coding machine can be divided into hand-held printer and online printer, majorly used to print your products like the packaging products which requires the date, batch number, logo, QR code, bar code, and some simple text.

    Why choose HeatSign for your Jewelry Engraving solutions?

    • Reasonable Price

    HeatSign is popular due to major reasons: high-quality products and its pocket-friendly prices. Isn’t it perfect? 

      You do not require to spend a huge amount of money on this latest technology of marking and engraving process. HeatSign is able to provide superior quality products due to its solid supply chain management qualities and at the same time manage to offer products at affordable prices.

    HeatSign has spread its roots and is known for its strong commitment among the business wholesalers all over the world that guarantees the best possible deals. If you are intrigued by our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are confident that you will enjoy all the fantastic products available at wholesale prices.

    • Professional Packaging with faster shipping facility

    HeatSign has collaborated with one of the best delivery companies including the UPS, FedEx, DHL etc throughout the world for the convenience of its users. Professional warehouse personnel ensure good care of your orders keeping in mind our rigorous and exacting standards. 

    Your products are carefully checked and securely packed before they are sent for the deliveries. 

    • Best user-experience

    We are always available at the service of our customers as we hire a professional customer service team which can answer all your possible queries. You can reach us with your doubts and queries on the email We will respond to you back within 24 hours.

Jewelry Marking and Engraving Application

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