Laser Marking Machine for industrial engraving

Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine for Industrial Engraving

The laser marking machine is popular for its best solution available for metal parts. The laser marking machine by HT Marker offers permanent marks on various types of materials. The laser marking solutions provided by HT Marker are fast and are difficult to be destroyed by outward environmental disturbances including oils, emulsion, vapors, high, or low temperature, and other environmental factors that have high chances of affecting the markings.

Laser Marking is basically preferred for resolving marking problems is due to its latest technology usage of a non-contact marking process. This laser marking solution does not cause much operation costs and consumables compared to the other marking methods.

In addition to that, you can choose the laser marking machine to mark texts, codes, logos, serial numbers, and the list goes on.

HT marker works professionally and hence provides such laser marking and engraving machines that meet customers’ expectations and requirements.

Why come to HT Marker for the best Laser Marking solutions:

* Variety of technology: HT Marker offers a huge range of laser marking machines, and hence you will not go empty-handed as you will get a suitable price and configuration to meet your marking requirements.

* Global popularity: HT Marker transports its laser marking machines in more than 50 countries making it an international supplier. The majority of the company’s business takes place abroad which further makes it easy for HT Marker to deliver the products according to high international standards.

* Save you some bucks: HT Marker designs their laser marking machines based on the customer’s production line. By integrating the latest technology in the marking solutions, customers can save extra labor costs and further improve the marking efficiency.

Parameters to choose laser marking machine

With so many fishes in the pond, it gets difficult to choose the right one for dinner. Similarly, the competition in the marking industry is growing at a fast pace making it hard for the customers to select the best out of the crowd.

Every industry has its separate marking needs based on which it must buy a laser marking machine.

Following parameters are required before going for a laser marking machine:

* Latest technology: The laser marking machine must contain the newest software technology to get remarkable marking results. HT Marker uses recent technology in their laser marking machines which further leads to low-maintenance and saves your money.

For instance, HT Marker offers an efficient cooling system that has beaten the existing laser marking systems in the game.

* No consumable, no maintenance: The user does not require any sort of consumable materials and hence can say goodbye to the maintenance of the laser marking machine by HT Marker.

* Eco-friendly: The laser marking solutions must be reliable, safe, and at the same time friends with the environment.

HT Markers follows the above criteria while designing its laser marking machine.

* Compatible with all metals: CO2 + Fiber + UV these tree types laser marking machines together should be adjustable to all kinds of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, some plastics, and so on.

HT Marker laser marking machines run smoothly on every type of metal surface and also support some uneven surfaces as well.

Types of laser marking offered by HT Marker

 ● Fiber Laser Systems( (1.06 µm wavelength)

The fiber laser marking machine by HT Marker is an upgrade in laser marking technology that does not require much maintenance of solid-state laser source. The effective cooling system has proven to be one of the most beneficial factors in this latest marking technology.

This fiber laser marking solution is known for its reliability, safety, and on top of it eco-friendly.

These fiber laser marking machines by HT marker are best suited for a variety of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, some plastics, etc.

● CO2 Laser Systems (1.06 µm wavelength)

The CO2 laser marking machine requires a carbon dioxide gas mixture.
This HT marker marking machine is the most suitable choice for many different industries due to its solid efficiency and superior laser beam quality.

You can mark different types of materials with this HT Marker CO2 Lasers: Wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, rubber, plastics, foils & films, leather, stone, and more.

● UV Laser Marking (0.355 µm wavelength)

UV laser systems can function at a very high speed that further reducing cycle times for your industrial operations. You can mark semiconductors and plastics like PVC, ABS, and polypropylene. You can also mark some other materials including metals, paper, ceramic chips, etc with this marking machine.

In a Word

 If you are wandering around the market looking for a laser marking machine, after reading this article you will know exactly where to head. 

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