Marking Tools for Nameplate Identification and Equipment Traceability

If we look around us we will observe various industries that are involved in nameplate marking today. The need for such marking technology is increasing like crazy.

HeatSign offers such nameplate marking solutions that are flexible in various types of industries including the list of following industries which are mentioned below:

  • Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is the major stakeholder in using the nameplate marking solutions as every airplane part is required to be uniquely marked depending upon the various rules and regulations.

That shows that the aviation industry is in frequent need of marking their machine parts.

Marking Tools for Nameplate Identification and Equipment Traceability 

  • Motors Industry  

The motor industry requires permanent and clear nameplate marking results so that the user can see the accurate notings of the motor. The situation would get quite complicated as it would get difficult to operate upon if the marking and engraving on the motor would be difficult to read and note by the operator and the maintenance staff.

  • Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is also a huge business where the user requires nameplates. These nameplates are used to mark what each part of a car is used for, its manufacturer, part number, serial number, and the list goes on.

Marking Tools for Nameplate Identification and Equipment Traceability

Hence, the auto industry cannot take the risk of using low-quality marking technology and therefore need a high-quality engraving machine like HeatSign’s marking and engraving machine. 

  • Medical Industry

The medical industry uses two kinds of marking their products namely direct part marketing which is used in marking the medical tools in the field whereas the other one i.e. nameplate marking is a very famous marking technique that marks machines used for medical purposes. 

The nameplate marking is used to mark serious health condition machines including the ventilators, dialysis machines, and so on.

 Therefore, the requirement of having a solid material and integrated structured nameplate marking machine is a must for medical industry manufacturers.

HeatSign offers such nameplate marking machines for all types of medical machines.

  • Apparel and Decorative Industry

As technology and creativity are merging together, decorative items are customized according to the customers’ wishes. Following today's trend, customers are demanding their names engraved on items like leather bags, watches, glass, ornaments, mugs, and the list goes on.


Different types of Engraving Machine offered by HeatSign


HeatSign offers many types of engraving machines that are not only limited to marking metals but can also engrave many other materials as well. Let’s discuss a few examples in the following points: 

  • Glass & Crystal

HeatSign offers both laser engraving and rotary engraving that can be utilized in marking glass and crystal materials. Examples of such items include champagne flutes, wine bottles, ornaments, vases, picture frames, etc. 

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the obvious advantages of using rotary engraving on glass is that it offers exquisite results when the expected results consist of straight text and simple logos.

A CO2 or UV laser can also be used to mark glass. The plus point of using a laser is high-speed and great efficiency. 

Also, you do not need any specific equipment or accessories. Also, you don’t have to worry about the glass clamping or water cooling as only the laser beam touches the glass compared to the rotatory marking.

HeatSign has introduced such marking perfection that with the latest lasers produced by the company can mark cylindrical materials and curvy surfaces.

  •  Leather, Paper, and Fabrics

 Laser Engraving is considered to be one of the best marking solutions when the user is required to mark, cut, and perforated leather, fabrics, and paper products. 

The laser can easily engrave any leather or fabric product that further offers additional interesting possibilities like marking checkbook covers, handbags, switch plate covers, belts, dog collars, briefcases, footballs, baseballs, horse saddles, and saddlebags, etc.

Key Take Aways:

HeatSign has a lot to offer to various industries. The nameplate marking solutions offered by the company provide remarkable results.

The marking machines are easy to understand and operate and can mark both small and large areas of the metal surface.

Marking Tools for Nameplate Identification and Equipment Traceability

If you are interested in knowing about our marking solutions, then feel free to contact us anytime. We will be at your service and assist you in finding your perfect suitable nameplate marking machine for your materials depending upon your requirements.

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