Metal Engraving

Metals are known for their complex, conductive, reactive nature and are formed by chemicals and alloys.

Today industries greatly depend on metals for the purposes like manufacturing, production, and merchandising which makes it crucial to possess such marking equipment that can mark all types of metals whenever needed.

Metal Engraving

Purpose of marking metals: 

You might have seen metal products with characters engraved on them. Characters consist of tracking numbers, unit numbers, logos, graphics, directions, and the list goes on. Some of the examples that involve engraving metals include engraving keys, marking a product number to a valve, coding an iPad, marking a brand name to the tool, or engraving the size on a pipe.


What is HT Marker and why is it the best marking solution provider?

HT Marker is a company that offers different marking solutions for a variety of product materials including metals, plastics, and some uneven surfaces. 

The company has been an old acquaintance with the metal marking industry for almost a decade and utilizes technical practices, industrial knowledge, and best experience to guide you to obtain the best metal marking machine based on your marking requirements.

You will come across different metal materials while working in a metal-based industry. HT marker has to mark solutions for every type and quality of metals.

HT marker products consist of integrated design which is easy to understand and is compatible to operate in different metal industries.

HT Marker alway prefers providing best customer service and after-purchase customer care. 

The company considers your success as theirs that is why it works dedicatedly to help you find the most suitable metal engraving machine best suited for your needs. 

HT Marker promises to provide best quality products and services at reasonable prices that can be afforded by the customers. The metal engraving results meet the users’ expectations of the output results. 

The company has two marking products in their basket. The laser etching machine is specifically designed to mark the metal surface, and the dot peen marking machine solutions works for both metal or hard plastic. 

HT Marker is compatible in marking most of the metals including the brass, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, etc.

In fact, our machine also can support laser printing on metal parts production line, improving your working efficiency.

Metal Engraving

Benefits of choosing HT Marker marking machine for metal plates

  • The marking result provided by the HT marker metal engraving machine for stainless steel is remarkable with deeper and clearer results that are easy to read.

  • The marks formed by the HT Marker metal marking machine fight all types of outside sources including heat, grit, oils, vapors, pollution, gas, wear and tear, etc.

  • The metal marking machine by HT Marker will be new as ever even after several uses. It will work with the same superior quality efficiency and speed like its first day. It hardly requires maintenance and goes for long hours.

  • The HT Marker metal engraving machine can perfectly mark a variety of metals in a short duration, saving you precious time.

The metal marking machine by HT Marker gives you the administration over the size and accuracy of your engraving. The precision of this metal marking machine is outstanding making it the best suitable option for marking your metals.

Metal Engraving

Types of engraving marking machines offered by HT Marker

  • Fiber Laser Marking Systems: This metal engraving machine by HT Marker is best suited for hardcore metal surfaces as it leaves permanent marking on such metals and can handle the metal hardness with much ease.

Models HS-FL10, HS-FL20, and HS-FL30 are frequently gaining popularity and becoming the most preferred choice among the metal marking machines for such industries that use industrial fiber laser systems.


  • CO2 Laser Marking Systems: This engraving machine is developed especially for non-metallic surfaces like glass, plastic, or wood. 

HT Marker provides HS-CL20 and HS-CL30 in this type of laser marking solutions. Both types of laser marking machines have fast speed and solid stable nature that makes them the perfect choice for engraving your non-metals.

Metal Engraving

In a nutshell

HT Marker metal marking machines are committed to offering the best marking solutions for your materials. The metal engraving machines are compatible with different metal types. 

If you are intrigued by our metal engraving machines we are more than happy to assist you and answer your queries. Feel free to contact us anytime. We will be there to guide you and offer you the best options based on your marking needs.

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