Nameplate Engraving Machine

nameplate engraving machine

Nameplate Engraving Machine

The HS-DE04 and HS-DE05 series nameplate engraving machines are electrical devices used to engrave and mark various metal plates or tags. Our Portable Metal Tag Engraving machines are small and compact. They can do fast permanent marking on brass plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum tags, etc.

The HS-DE05 requires a computer for operation, but for the HS-DE04, you just plug and play because it features a touch screen with built-in software that enables you to print various types of content on your product.

Different Types of Nameplate Engraving and Marking Machines Offered By Heatsign

HeatSign offers a variety of high-quality nameplate engraving machines that is capable of engraving a variety of materials in addition to metals. Let's look at a few examples in the points below:

★ Electric Nameplate Engraving Marking Machine For Metal - HS-DE04

The engraving features of the HeatSign HS-DE04 metal tag plate dot peen engraving marking machine are well recognised for marking id name number plates or metal tag marking. These marking machines are employed in industries that engrave nameplates and metal sheets such as steel, aluminum, and brass tags, and they can also be used to label pipelines, valves, and assets in industrial settings.

This metal tag plate dot peen engraving marking machine uses high-speed, high-precision marking that lasts longer along with solid alloy marking pins and the electronic parts that help support the some uneven surface marking.

More features of this nameplate tag plate engraving marking machine

With its high speed and high precision marking, as well as its long service life hard alloy marking pin and electrical parts, this nameplate tag plate engraving marking machine can good handle flat surface marking.

The best thing about the nameplate engraving marking machine is that it uses the most up-to-date technology, such as an integrated touch screen and software, which eliminates the need for a PC or an air compressor system to operate; simply plug it in, hit the play button, and sit back and enjoy.

★ HeatSign HS-DE05 desktop electric nameplate label engraver machine

When you can't directly apply your mark to the part, the HeatSign HS-DE05 desktop electric nameplate label engraver machine series is ideal for nameplate or metal tag dot peen marking.

In industrial environments, the desktop electric nameplate label engraver machine is ideal for identification nameplates and other metal tags. They can also be used for inventory, pet identification, animal identification, and Vin numbering, among other things.

The HS-DE05 adopt latest Thor X6 software, your side need prepare computer connect to work.

The engraving content can be all characters like English letters, all numbers include a serial number, date, symbols, logo outline, graphic outline and you can import your design content into the machine for marking.


Dot peening is a simple and accurate method of permanently branding metal tags and plates. It can make light engraved marks, deep engraved marks, or emboss on a variety of metal tag materials. It allows for precise marking on practically any plate. Depending on the intended content, a user can engrave numerous types of markings, such as English alphabets, numerical digits, numerals, symbols, or logos.

HeatSign offers a lot to offer businesses in a variety of industries. The company's nameplate marking solutions produce outstanding outcomes.

If you have any questions concerning our marking machines, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will be at your service to assist you in locating the ideal nameplate marking machine for your products, based on your specifications.