Plastic Engraving

HT Marker has designed two super quality marking machines namely, CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and dot peen marking machine that uses the newest laser technology and guarantees the best results.

HT Marker is well-versed with operating laser engraving, so the company can guide you to realize your need for the appropriate marking engraver. 

About CO2 laser engraver machine

The CO2-laser marking machine also goes by the name CO2-laser engraver and is majorly used for engraving materials including wood, paper cutting, acrylic bodies, polymers, glass, plastics, leather, and the list goes on.

Advantages of HT Marker CO2 Laser Engravers for marking plastic material


  • HT Marker has added RF metal tubes in the plastic engraving machine which supports the CO2-laser source to bear more than 20,000 hours of functioning life.

  • The long-lasting and tough cabinet design is produced to endure difficult industrial surroundings.

  • HT Marker also offers modified designs for meeting a customer’s particular marking needs.

  •  The company also supplies smoke purifiers to resolve the issues of huge amounts of smoke and dust.

  • The latest software used in the laser machine has proven to be the best in the market and provides the perfect results.

  • The price of this CO2 plastic laser engraver machine is friends with your pockets as HT Marker aims to provide top-notch products and services at affordable prices.


HT Marker boons to provide plastic engraving solutions


This CO2-Laser Marking machine comes in five different variants which are discussed below:


  •  HS-CL20: All components in this HS-CL20 consist of high-quality Chinese brands. The air cooling system deducts the requirement for maintenance. Due to its small-sized design, the device is very easy to understand and convenient to operate. It is also known for its cost-effectiveness.

  • HS-CL30: Top-notch imported USA Coherent laser parts are used in this particular model. Thus, they are highly stable and go for a long time. This model is capable of covering large CO2 laser marking areas.

  •  HS-9060: This is a conventional CO2 laser engraving machine that is best suited for slower engraving and cutting sizable areas for non-metal parts.

  • HS-CLY30: This model comes in automatic design for your production line marking.

  • HS-C100: This model is the laser fume separator specifically used to absorb and clean the dangerous fumes formed during the marking process of the machine.

Features of the HT Marker plastic engraving machine


  • Feature of design: The HT Marker CO2 plastic engraver machine possesses a pencil-shaped laser that shoots high-energy laser beams from Sealed Glass CO2 laser glass tube onto a working surface.


  • Feature of control: The HT Marker CO2 plastic engraver machine comes with a stand-alone programmed controller along with the LCD touch display human-machine interface and also solid programming keypads. LCD and fixed keypad offer users with the medium of input and selective user’s parameters.


  • Feature of driving and motor system: The HT Marker plastic engraving machine is outlined with Stepper Driving System with a superior quality performance servo motor. 


  • Feature of protective and diagnostic: The HT Marker plastic marking machine comes with a top-notch modern water cooling system with programmable real-time temperature monitoring. This cooling system prevents overheating of the plastic marking machine.

About Dot peen engraving machine

The dot peen engraving machine by HT Marker comes in 3 models: Benchtop dot peen marking machine, Portable dot peen marking machine, Plate/Tag engraving marking machine.

 Model series of Dot peen marking machine 

The dot peen marking machine by HT marker solutions comes in four model series which are mentioned below:

1. HS-PE Electric Hand Held Dot Pin Engraving Machine: This series of dot peen marking machines works on electricity deducting the need for an air compressor or computer device to function the marking machine.

  This dot peen marking engraver usually comes with 5-7” touchscreens and top-notch software.


2. HS-DP and HS-DP-R Series Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine: This direct part marking machine has a compact design. This series of dot marking machines require an air compressor and a computer for its operation.


3. HS-DC/HS-DE series Vibro Peen Marking Machine: The HS-DC and HS-DE series offers direct part engraving of the metals. This dot peen marking machine comes along with the latest integrated touch screens along with software designed inside the marking machine which makes it independent of the outer connection of the computers.


4. HS-PM and HS-PC Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems: The HS-PM & HS-PC -series handheld dot peen marking machines are specially designed to mark large and heavy parts. This portable marking machine is easy to carry from one place to another.


The HS-PM needs an air compressor and computer for operation, while the HS-PC possesses a touch screen with in-built software and hence requires only an air compressor.

Why choose HT Marker for plastic engraving practices?

  • Beats everyone in speed: The marking solutions offered by HT Marker are nearly ten times faster compared to the other CO2, UV, Fiber Laser engraving and dot peen engraving technology.

This results in a significant improvement in the efficient working of the laser marking. Both laser engraving and dot peen engraving machines are common for industrial production line marking. 

  • Professional solutions:  HT Marker offers such marking solutions that will make your productions much smoother and will give you permanent marking results.

  • Supports you at every point: HT Marker is ruling the industrial marking for over ten years now. Therefore, the company always stays ahead in providing advanced technical support and service. 

HT Marker plastic engraving machines fulfill the needs of the customers for better stability and long-term usage of industrial equipment. 

So even after you have set up the marking solution in your industry, we will still be there to give you all the possible support and assistance you need in every manner. 

This is a great assurance for you and will help you in taking bold and prominent business decisions.


Key Takeaways


HT Marker offers great services and superior quality products to its customers. If you are interested in our plastic engraving machine, then feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to assist you!

Plastic Engraving

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