Rotary and Industrials Part marking Application

The dot peen marking machine also goes by the name dot peen engraving machine by HT Marker offers direct and permanent marking on a variety of materials.

This dot peen marking machine by HT Marker is the best suitable marking solution in the industries that needs marking machines for their products as HT Marker marking machines provides a high-quality resolution, a variety of options and longevity to the marking results.

Rotary and Industrials Part marking Application

HT Marker offers four types of dot peen marking machine that are mentioned below:

  • HS-PE Electric Hand Held Dot Pin Engraving Machine

  • HS-DP and HS-DP-R Series Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine

  • HS-DC/HS-DE series Vibro Peen Marking Machine

  • HS-PM and HS-PC Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Need of a dot peen marking machine in cylinders and why choose HT Marker?

You might have seen gas cylinders with certain details engraved to it. Well, it is informative and useful but at the same time you should know that cylinders are fragile containers holding a more fragile substance. 

Hence there is a limit to its use, transition, and identification. These limits helped in promising security. This is done by marking codes on the cylinder. 

There are ample marking options that can be utilized to engrave the cylinders. HT Marker provides superior quality marking solutions that ensures both existing and potential customers with the highest quality of products. 

Rotary and Industrials Part marking Application

Hence HT Marker guarantees to offer the best cylinder marking machines. 

Types of dot peen marking machines and their properties

  • HS-PE series: The hand held electric portable dot peen marking machine HS-PE Series offers marking solutions for metal surfaces. It is easy and convenient to operate and also efficiently mark your metals ensuring production efficiency. These are best suited for marking large metal parts and surfaces.

The weight of these HS-PE series is approximately 15 kg. It comprises the marking area of 140mm * 60mm( HS-PE01), 90mm * 30mm (HS-PE02).

The marking speed of these dot peen marking machines are usually 30-40mm/s and the power supply is up to AC110V or AC 220V.

  • HS-DP01-R: The HS-DP01-R dot peen part marking machine with rotary device is the type of cylinder marking machine that you must have a look at. It is compatible with marking small-sized gas cylinders and it is quite convenient to install and operate. 

Rotary and Industrials Part marking Application

It also promises the latest software features that ensure good quality marking for your materials. 

The marking area of this type of dot peen marking machine is 120mm * 80mm. The marking speed goes up to 30-40mm/s.

The power supply of this dot peen engraving machine is AC 100V-240V. Such marking machines by HeatSign ensure high-frequency speed and deep marking.

Usually the gas cylinders we use comprises of numerous  codes that are made up of both alphabets and numeric characters. The engraving of such codes on a gas cylinder is essential to regulate and identify the legal authenticity of the cylinders. 

Importance of marking cylinders?

It is important for the initial equipment manufacturers to guarantee that the cylinders they are producing must strictly follow the safety and stability guidelines created by the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

To follow such strict guidelines, it is necessary on the part of cylinder manufacturers, fillers, and operators to maintain a standard. This could be done by ensuring specific engravings on the gas cylinder from which information can be known like the acceptance, rejection, and condemnation of the compressed gas cylinders for the longer term usage. 

The rules comprises of the information that are required to be marked on the cylinders which includes the DOT 3AL 3AA Specification Numbers, MFG Date & Location Codes, Cylinder TARE Weight, Neck Ring Identification & Serial Numbers, Service or Working Pressure Indicators and other important coding required to be engraved on the cylinders. 

Cylinder Marking Processes Offered by HT Marker

There are a variety of cylinder marking processes that can be used to mark and engrave the cylinders.

 Although selecting the suitable option for marking your cylinders depends upon your experience and marking requirements and expectations from the dot peen engraving machine. 

The two popular marking solutions offered by HT Marker that are ideal for marking cylinders are the dot peen and roll marking systems. 

Rotary and Industrials Part marking Application


If you are interested in marking your cylinders flawlessly and smoothly, then HT Marker has the perfect offer for you. Feel free to contact us! We would love to assist you with your queries.

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