1. What can your machines be used for?

Depending on the machine you choose, they can be used for making a variety of marks on a wide-range of materials, and in various industries.

Marks: Logos, serial numbers, graphics, special symbols, time and date codes, bar codes, VIN numbers and a host of others are made.

Materials: All Metal and Non-Metal surfaces such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, plastic, resin, glass, wood and every other possible material.

Industries: Aerospace, automotive, electronic, metal processing, car and motorcycle, military, energy, medical and others.

2. How about the machine operation? How complicated is it?

HeatSign will provide a detailed manual and video that teaches you the appropriate way to operate the machine – step-by-step.

All HeatSign Marking systems are designed for ease of use and maintenance

Marking with our machines is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • First, you begin by creating the graphics for marking or engraving. It is no different than the ones you create for printing.
  • Load the graphics to be marked or cut into the machine.
  • Use the mark command in the graphics software to mark on the product. And you’re done!

3. What else is needed to operate the machine?

Computer; Generally provided with preloaded marking software.

Graphics program (CorelDraw and AutoCAD are mostly used)

For the pneumatic marking machines, air compressor is needed for supplying air power.

4. What surfaces can be marked using your machines?

HT marking machines can mark flat surface and some cylinder surface

Let us know your requirement and we will recommend the most appropriate model for you.

5. Are your machines completely safe to use?

Yes! Every single machine of HeatSign undergoes stringent tests and complies with all accepted standards.

All machines have got CE, FDA approved. High-quality, low-consumption, and safety qualities are integrated into every machine.

6. Is the software you provide in English and Free?

Yes! Our software is in English and completely free for our customers

7. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the model you choose and the quantity. Standard products are generally delivered within 5-15 days. The delivery time of customized and special products is based on the level of customization/work needed.

8. What is the payment method?

T/T, Western Union, Escrow, Paypal, L/C and Direct Payment are all accepted.

9. What quality control measures do you implement?

At HT Marker, quality is given priority.

We have a Professional Quality Control Department that focuses SOLELY on quality.

All manufactured equipment passes through a Machine Shells Hit Test.

Continuous 24/hour Machine Working Tests are mandatory before shipment.

Machines are secured in compact wooden case packages for protection.

10.What’s your machine warranty and after-sales service like?

Free warranty of 1-year minimum (includes whole machine and spare parts).

Online customer service is available. All technical questions or problems are resolved immediately by our engineers, either through email, MSN or Skype.

In case of faulty parts, replacement spare parts are provided as quickly as possible, or old parts are repaired immediately.

Free sample design and guide is available for customers.

Free software updates are offered.