Service Terms

Training service

  • Our updated manual and videos will guide you through the installation process and operation of the machine
  • Please contact us for any clarifications. Our response time is less than 24 hours
  • Our training system will provide the updated software
  • Take advantage of the complete machine functionality by watching the various training videos
  • The training courses cover all aspects of operation – maintenance – software – application
  • We also create customized training videos keeping your specific requirements in mind

  • Spare parts

    Our vast inventory of standard spare parts in the warehouse enables us to ship you order almost instantly.

    Existing customers can request for replacement spare parts during the warranty period.

    Our long-term links with the various courier services such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT and USP enable quick delivery of products anywhere in the world.

    HeatSign team ensures that all necessary components are ALWAYS IN STOCK, and service kits are available for purchase, helping customers reach out and get what they want…when they want.

    Technical support

    HeatSign offers free consultation for designing customized solutions to increase the level of machine functionality.

    Potential customers can contact us for professional customized solutions specifically designed for you and you alone.

    Existing customers can contact us for guidance on machine usage, operation, repairs and any other problems you may have.

    After-sales Service

    We offer Free after-sales service on the machine and the various parts. Customers will be provided training manual and videos for ease of operation and maintenance. All problems are handled efficiently and on time.

    1 year on the complete machine

    3 months for the laser tube, lens and mirror

    6 months for equipments such as the water pump, fan, air pump etc

    Step-by-step manual and videos to guide customers on the operation and maintenance of the machine.

    Electric power parts will be replaced with brand new parts. The control card will be replaced with a new one, on receipt of the faulty card.

    All problems are resolved through images, diagrams and videos to make it easier for the customers

    Solutions to problems or clarifications will be responded to within 24 hours, through email or through other instant communication options like WhatsApp or Skype.

    Being the manufacturers of the marking machines, we have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our products. This helps us solve any problem almost instantly.