Warranty Terms

HeatSign takes complete responsibility for every single machine sold.

We ensure our warranty support satisfies every customer.

What is the duration of the warranty?

Most of our machines carry a warranty of one year from the date of shipment.

What is covered under the warranty?

This warranty covers the complete machine, all spare parts, hardware and software. All broken parts will be replaced with brand new parts.Not include consumption parts.

What is NOT covered under the warranty?

Parts and materials consumed.

Free repair is not offered for machines damaged due to incorrect operation, unauthorized modification, and physical damage caused by intentional, unintentional, natural or manmade disasters.

How does HeatSign Handle repairs/replacements during the warranty period?

All products returned to us because of defective parts or technology will be fixed by us. If for some reason, repair of a part or the entire machine is not possible, we will replace with a new part or machine. All problems undergo an extensive analysis to find the best possible solution for the customer. They will also teach you how to fix or test the problem.

If you notice any damaged or broken parts when you receive the machine, you are expected to return the parts to us, securely packed, insured, and shipping charges prepaid. By failing to do so, you are automatically accepting complete responsibility for any damaged or lost shipment. The replacement will be sent back to you in the shortest time possible.

If the problem is not covered under this warranty, we will inform you of other alternatives that are available to our customers for a fee.

Delivery cost policy when returning faulty items for factory repair

Delivery costs for broken parts – repaired or replaced being sent from HeatSign to your address, will be taken care of by HeatSign. For parts that are being sent back for repair or replacement, the buyer and seller equally share the delivery costs – 50% and 50%. The buyer ‘prepays’ the cost of sending the part and HeatSign Marking will bear the delivery cost of returning the repaired or replaced part to the buyer. If the item has crossed the warranty period, buyers bear the delivery costs for both ‘sending’ and ‘receiving’ the part. HeatSign is only responsible for providing the paid repairing service.

Explain in detail your after-sales service?

1 year on the complete machine

3 months for the laser tube, lens and mirror

6 months for equipments such as the water pump, fan, air pump etc.

Step-by-step manual and videos to guide customers on the operation and maintenance of the machine.

You can email to info@heatsign.com if any question.